Decision Making Excellence proposed by Learning Heroes
Decision-making is an important skill in almost every job and employers really value strong decision-makers in their teams. No matter what position you hold, from boardroom to mailroom, you’ll need to make decisions every day, decisions that can have a bi
in Personal development Liège, Namur, Mons et 15 de plus
20 25m

Communicating Effectively proposed by Learning Heroes
Effective communication is one of the most important life skills we can learn – and yet it’s not something most people put a lot of effort into. We accept that some people are naturally good at public speaking, or are really good at getting their point ac
in Personal development Liège, Namur, Mons et 15 de plus
20 25m

Handling Difficult People Round 1 – Conflict Management proposed by Learning Heroes
While business can often see conflicts as being productive by driving new and different opinions, the different ways to effectively manage such conflict depend on many factors. Learn more about managing, controlling and harnessing conflicts by taking this
in Personal development Liège, Namur, Mons et 15 de plus
20 25m

Presenting with Power proposed by Learning Heroes
The ability to give an effective presentation in the workplace is a crucial skill that every employee should possess. If your career matters to you, you need to develop your presentation skills. By demonstrating that you can deliver a well-constructed, co
in Personal development Liège, Namur, Mons et 15 de plus
20 1d

Inspirational Leadership proposed by Learning Heroes
Whether at home, in the workplace or in pursuit of our passion, we can all benefit from becoming better leaders. If you’ve just been promoted to a management position responsible for the performance of others or if you have been appointed team leader on a
in Personal development Liège, Namur, Mons et 15 de plus
20 25m
Discover B2B focused training centers.

Discover B2B focused training centers.

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