Performance Reviews proposed by Learning Heroes


The more you understand about how feedback works, the more you can develop yourself and others around you.


This bite sized module covers the importance of providing employees with feedback. The success of a business relies on the talented people it can attract, but an equally important factor is talent management. This course looks at the three main types of feedback and how you can avoid the three biggest mistakes during performance reviews.


• Feedback styles • Performance review history • Why performance reviews cause so much aggravation • Common mistakes managers make during reviews • 5 strategies to improve performance review success

Target audience

• Anyone who manages people and conducts performance reviews • Anyone who doesn’t yet provide feedback to their employees • Employees wanted to learn more about feedback styles • Anyone who has ever had a bad performance review and wants to know how to avoid the same mistakes



Categories Teacher training
Amount 20€ VAT incl per person
Duration 600 minutes
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