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La Mission de MySkillCamp est de rassembler tous les acteurs du e-learning et Digital Learning sur une même plateforme ! Pour notre équipe, le collaboratif est vraiment le point central de l'évolution de la formation en entreprise. Le Digital Learning permet de faciliter réellement la création, la recherche et la diffusion de vos formations d'entreprise. A travers notre plateforme, vous pourrez facilement augmenter votre valeur grâce à l'apprentissage de vos collaborateurs, à la visibilité de vos formations et à l'échange de formations avec d'autres membres de la plateforme.

The courses of MySkillCamp Academy

The advantages of the marketplace

SIMPLE & INTUIVIVE Find the training courses to boost your teams’skills in a couple clicks.
ONLINE & OFFLINE Select different types of courses and increase the engagement.
QUANTITY & QUALITY A big amount of content filtered and verified by experts.
DIRECT CHECKOUT & ONLINE QUOTES Book Digital and offline training courses instantly online or ask us for a quote.

Need an Expert ?
We can help you !

Do you have very specific training needs ? You would like to prepare your learning journey to onboard your people ? Our experts can help you find the content and best practice that will suit your needs.

Our pedagogical experts can help you build your own courses based on the content you already have and help you digitize it with Digital tools.

Plan a meeting with one of us to discuss your needs in terms of Digital culture and training strategy.

Are you an expert ?
Use our Learning Hub !

Are you a content publisher, a training center or an expert? Do you want to improve your visibility and your sales? If you are a coach, a training center or a content publisher, then MySkillCamp Marketplace is for you!.

Become part of our catalogue and be connected to our community and to companies that are always looking for training. If it’s face-to-face, blended learning or distance learning we can help.! Let’s plan a meeting and discuss about your content.