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No matter how self-assured you are, most of us wonder if perhaps we couldn’t be just a bit more assertive in certain situations.


We’ve all had moments when we’ve failed to speak up for ourselves and said yes when we really wanted to say no. Luckily, assertiveness is a learned ability. It’s learned through practice. This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become more assertive, taking control of your life in the process.


• What is assertiveness? If you want to learn how to be assertive – you first need to understand what it entails. • The four types of communication – which one do you use most? • Rights and responsibilities – being assertive really comes down to being able to stand up for your own or other people’s rights in a calm, positive way. • Foundations for change – in reality, the barriers that prevent us from being more assertive are in our own heads. • “I” Messages - when you replace “You” messages with “I” messages you are able to provide feedback safely. • The Bonsai Principle – like a bonsai tree, when it comes to assertive communication, less can be more. • Non-assertive choice – an assertive person can decide not to act assertively. • Assertive check-up – how assertive are you? • How to say “No” – if you want to be successful you’re going to have to get comfortable with saying “no” from time to time.

Public cible

• Anyone tired of holding back in conversations. • Anyone fed up of having people take advantage of them. • Anyone with a quick temper who finds other people infuriating. • Or anyone who’d like to learn more about what assertiveness actually is.



Montant 20€ TTC par personne
Durée 35 minutes
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