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Effective communication is one of the most important life skills we can learn – and yet it’s not something most people put a lot of effort into. We accept that some people are naturally good at public speaking, or are really good at getting their point ac


This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to be an effective communicator. You will discover how effective communication can lead to a more satisfying life. Why only 7% of communication is based on words. Learn about effective listening and questioning techniques you can use. And find out the secret to writing engaging e-mails.


• Introduction; Why Communication Matters • Body Language – How We Really Communicate • Effective Listening Skills • The Power of Effective Questioning • Written & E-Mail Etiquette for the Workplace

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Ask any employee in any organisation, large or small, about problems they face at work on a daily basis and you will usually find communication lying at the heart of it. The Communicating Effectively course is suitable for any member of staff whose work depends on successful interactions with others and want to maximise the impact their communication skills have at work.



Montant 20€ TTC par personne
Durée 25 minutes
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