Discipline and Grievance

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Yelling “You’re fired!” might make good TV, but in real life, if you do so without the right legal reason to back it up you could find yourself in an expensive employment tribunal.


It’s a scenario that many managers dread, and perhaps with good reason. Disciplining or ending an employee’s contract is never going to be pleasant. It can end in tears, tempers and if you get it wrong, a costly tribunal, but it is a necessary part of the job when you’re a manager. This course shows you the right way to do it. Focusing on Disciplinary and Grievance codes of practice.


You will find out the difference between disciplinary and grievance processes • A five step plan to follow when disciplining an employee • A four step plan to help you manage employee grievance

Public cible

• Anyone who manages employees and wants to avoid costly employment tribunals • Perfect for small business owners who need to know the fundamentals of employment law • Employees interested in company grievance procedures • Any hiring managers or leaders who frequently deal with disciplinary issues



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Durée 10 minutes
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