Effective Absence Management

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Employee absence is more than an empty desk. It’s a significant cost to your business.


It’s estimated that 131 million days are lost due to sickness absences every year. Which costs employers around 9 billion pounds a year in sick pay and associated costs. This Effective Absence Management course shows you why it is so important to remain on top of unauthorised absence and provides you with a 6 step plan to deal with the challenge.


• Do you know the difference between authorised and unauthorised absence? • Find out how you should manage investigations • Why your HR policy must be followed • Do you need to pay employees for unauthorised absence? • A six step plan to effectively manage employee absence

Public cible

• Anyone who manages employees and wants to learn how to better manage absence • Perfect for small business owners who need to know the fundamentals of employment law • Employees interested in company absence policy • Any hiring managers or leaders who deal with repeat absence offenders



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Durée 10 minutes
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