Effective Delegation

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Delegation is one of the most important business skills you can learn. Your ability to delegate, is largely shaped by your experiences. However there are core skills you can improve to fast track your effectiveness and help you to avoid the common pitfall


Given that delegation is one of the most important business skills it’s a wonder that people don’t do it more often. This course has been designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to get you delegating right away so you can start to benefit from this crucial business skill. If you ever catch yourself saying “I could do it quicker myself” this course can help you. You’ll discover new techniques used by the world’s most successful business people and perhaps more surprisingly, find out why you need to have monkey management skills.


• Introduction; Why Delegation Matters • Who’s got the Monkey? Effective Delegation Starts with Monkey Management • The What, When and How of Effective Delegation

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This course is suitable for anyone in a management position who would like to boost their own delegation skills to improve the efficiency of their team, free their own time to focus on the stuff that really matters and provide crystal clear instructions so people know what is expected of them.



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Durée 25 minutes
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