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The ability to give an effective presentation in the workplace is a crucial skill that every employee should possess. If your career matters to you, you need to develop your presentation skills. By demonstrating that you can deliver a well-constructed, co


As the course explains, most people are afraid to speak in public. Great presenters, like great communicators didn’t start out that way. They honed their skills over time, through training and practise. This course will give you the skills and techniques to do the same. During this course you’ll acquire new presentation skills used by the world’s best public speakers. Skills you can practise and use to improve your own presenting prowess. You’ll also find out how you can overcome your own nerves using simple techniques. And finally, when you’ve mastered your new presenting skills and tamed your public speaking nerves, we’ll share our secret formula for creating the perfect presentation.


• Introduction; the Importance of Public Speaking • 6 Skills to Create Powerful Presentations • Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking • The 10-20-30 Rule

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The Presenting with Power course is for anyone who would like to improve the way they communicate. The course will provide you with core skills to deliver inspirational presentations.



Montant 20€ TTC par personne
Durée 1500 minutes
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