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Safeguarding is the action taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.


All organisations that come into contact with children should have specific safeguarding policies and procedures in place. These organisations include: voluntary and community organisations, faith groups, private sector providers, schools, hospitals, and sports clubs. It is vital that anyone who is in regular contact with children is aware of their safeguarding responsibilities to ensure that every child, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity, can be protected from harm. This course forms part of your child protection training and will teach you the fundamentals of safeguarding children. You’ll explore what safeguarding children really means and learn skills that will help you to confidently recognise and respond appropriately to abuse.


• Why Safeguarding is Important – Statistics demonstrate the importance of this topic. • Types of Child Abuse – Explore the different types of child abuse. For each type, you’ll learn about the signs, symptoms and behaviours, so you know what to look out for. • Effects of Abuse – A look at the wide ranging and long lasting effects of abuse. • Be Vigilant – Who might abuse a child? And what type of children might be abused? • Children’s Rights Explained – Even if you don’t directly care for, or support, children, you may come into contact with them through your work, so it’s really important that you understand their rights. • Child Protection and Safeguarding – What’s the difference? • Raising Concerns – What should you do if you are ever worried about a child? • Legislation and Safeguarding – Review key pieces of legislation relating to the welfare of children.

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It is everyone’s responsibility to keep children and young people safe, so this course is applicable for all employees, at all levels. It is particularly focused at employees who come into contact with children as part of their job.



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