Writing SMARTer Objectives

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It’s all too easy to set objectives that are so general that we don’t know exactly what we’re trying to achieve, or whether we’ve achieved it. A structured approach forces us to think more deeply and methodically about what we actually want. Perhaps the b


In this course, we explore the meaning behind the SMART acronym, and show you how to write objectives that inspire and motivate. The idea of SMART objectives is often credited to Peter Druker and his 1954 book “The Practice of Management”. But interestingly, there’s no direct reference to SMART in the book. It wasn’t until November 1981, in a publication called Management Review, the term was first documented. Since then, the SMART acronym has come to mean different things to different people. In this course we’ll focus on one of the most popular concepts, where SMART is an acronym for: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound As you work through the course, we hope you pick up some new techniques that inspire you to look at objective setting in a different way.


SMART History - Take a look behind the acronym so you understand exactly what it means. Talking SMART - Learn how you can turn airy-fairy jumbles of words into objectives that can make a real difference with the help of action verbs. SMARTER Objectives - Further extend the SMART concept to recognise the importance of engagement.

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Anyone who manages people and needs to set inspiring objectives.



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Durée 1500 minutes
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