Virtualian A1 -parte II

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In questo corso impari a usare gli aggettivi, a descrivere te stesso e gli altri, a dire quello che ti piace o non ti piace. Scopri che in italiano i nomi sono (quasi) sempre accompagnati dall'articolo determinativo o indeterminativo


This is the second step of the A1 level path. Maybe you started with part one or on the contrary this is your first class, so you need to know that every lesson starts with a simple and intuitive video: it has to be watched first to grasp, process and memorise the rules that can be checked and improved in the later activities. The exercises are intended not only as an opportunity to practice but also as a further moment of learning, where the skills of reading, listening, writing and the oral and written comprehension come exercised.


The course is made up of 7 lessons: adjectives antonyms c'è, ci sono (there is, there are) definite article indefinite article physical description "Mi piace, mi piacciono" (I like)

Public cible

The course is suitable for those who want to study in a completely independent manner at their own pace, in their own time and need to learn Italian for personal reasons, school or business purposes.


You just need to want learn Italian language having fun! An advice: before proceeding with the second part of the course just make sure of mastering the argoments of section one , no matter where you have learned them.

Catégories Langue
Montant 29€ TTC par personne
Durée 140 minutes
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